HYDROMATE - Automatic Watering System

You can now travel with no worries about plants

Automatic Water Timer (Battery Operated)


     Automatic Watering Timer (Solenoid Valve) 


Automatic Watering Timer (Ball Valve)           

Electric Irrigation Controller (Electric Timer)


    RainPro Modular Irrigation Controller (Support 12 Stations)

Irrigation Solenoid Valve


 1 Inch Female NPT Threaded Solenoid Valve (With Flow Control & Manual Override)

Pop Up Lawn Sprinklers
   Fixed Spray Pop Up Sprinkler




  Rotating Spray Pop Up Sprinkler


Mist Cooling Effect Nozzles


     Automatic Cooling Misting Effect Nozzles And System             

Hanging Sprinkler & Misting Nozzles


        Hanging Fixed and Rotating Sprinkler




          Hanging One-Way & Four-Way Mister





          Semi Rigid Main Tube


Micro-Irrigation Joints

         Microtube T Joint                                


     Microtube Straight Joint      


Micro-Irrigation Drip & Sprinkler


           Adjustable Dripper


Adjustable Palm Sprinkler



    Standinig Microsprinkler


Manifold (1 to 4 Way Outlet - Adjustable Valve)