HYDROMATE - Automatic Watering System

You can now travel with no worries about plants

Go On Holiday With Peace In Mind

Go on a holiday and you get everything all set? You can't be sure until you have this kit to help you to take care of your plants or garden. We have designed a package for you to eliminate the problems of watering plants while you away from home. Let the system do the plants watering job for you.

All-In-A-Box Vacation Automatic Watering Package (KSV1) - NO SPECIAL TOOL REQUIRED TO SETUP

The package is created to cater for frequent travellers and those ready to go on a holiday. The intention of this package is to have the easiest way to install your system without any special tool used by the expert of renovator or plumber. All you need is a pair of scissors and you can start right away for the installation. We have prepared for you all the parts you need without you having to dig a hole on the ground yet you still enjoy the benefit of automated watering for your garden.


  • Fully automatic. System does the watering for you.
  • No digging of ground needed. Tube can be pin on wall. Even a normal housewife can do the installation without any help from the expert.
  • Easy to install without any special tool. Only scisors needed.

Application: (What the package can do for you?)

  • Watering 3ft x 6ft flower bed
  • Watering up to 10 flower pots (water flow can  be adjusted based on the size of the flower pot. This is to avoid over watering of your plants.
  • Watering your vegetable plot with 10 watering outlet or watering up to 10 hanging baskets/pots


  • This package of D.I.Y. can be upgraded for more plants. Do talk to us on the upgrading plan.

KSV1 Vacation Automatic Watering System - How Does The System Work?