HYDROMATE - Automatic Watering System

You can now travel with no worries about plants


Hydromate Automatic Watering Solutions (PG0254662-V) specializes in garden lawn sprinkler & drip watering system driven by automation. We evolve to develop multiple ranges of D.I.Y. product sets to transform legacy lifestyle to an easier, zero touch plants watering solution. We also distribute our products to landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners throughout Malaysia.

Our goal is to provide cost effective and yet bring automation ideas in watering plants, lawn without any labor needed. This has driven us to continue to provide better customer support and better product ranges that serve customers needs, reduce water usage and cut labor cost.

Automatic Watering System - How It Functions ?

Our automatic watering system comes with a Automatic Digital Timer that waters your plants up to 16 times per day. It is simply easy to be used where a pre-set time and watering duration are to be set and the system will do the watering for you. Our system helps you to resolve the problem while you are away from home with unattended plants at home. Very often, our system helps frequent travellers and it serves them very well.

The system comes with a series of quality tubes and joints that we have gone through thorough testing and validation in terms of water leakage and endurance due to extreme weather. It consists of 4mm UV protected tubes to deliver water to plants regardless of heights. 4mm tube can easily support up to 30 plants. Besides, we also specialize in flower bed watering by having micro sprinkler series that could cover 2 meters in diameter of your flower bed. We do design various packages of D.I.Y sets to cater your needs from basic system that suitable for apartment/condominium to a more complex set which cater for Terrace/SemiD/Bungalow. All the D.I.Y sets are easy to be installed without the need to have special tools. Easy-To-Setup is our goal. Apart from that, we do provide custom design for farms, factories, resorts & parks and other commercial needs

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